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You Should Send Home Lots Of Pictures When You’re Traveling In Europe

You Should Send Home Lots Of Pictures When You’re Traveling In Europe

Article by Eric Simmons

The dream of many vacationers, particularly college students, traveling in Europe displays a variety of cultures. The beauty of each region is just waiting to be explored. In the Vatican City to Russia, explore the people and customs of historic Europe.If water travel is your dream, there are many exotic cruises which will let you explore the region and relax while you are doing it. For many of us, though, cruise ships many be considered a bit expensive. A good alternative is the ferry system that takes passengers from island to island on the sea, or with the many inland waterways that are offered.One of the most impressive way of transportation is high-speed trains that zip along the countryside in a short time span. The network is extensive, even though cost is high. A cutting-edge, and affordable, use of rail travel is moving passengers from airports to the city. It is very convenient and welcome after a long flight.Night trains have choices for any budget, whether within the first class sleeping compartments or on couches in second class. Travel-worn tourists can wake up at their destination, refreshed and ready to go on a tour. Scenic trains demand a camera because the views are breathtaking, whether passing lakes, mountains or glaciers. Possibly the best bargain in travel, Interrail passes are not only economical, they are valid for months. If your journey takes a side visit to something interesting, you do not have to worry about the rail pass expiring.Backpacking for a day or two, or the more ambitious months-long journey, enables you to interact with local people and offers a real feel for that area you are visiting. Bicycle touring has become a attraction. After going for a plane or riding the rails for your starting point, grab a backpack and bicycle to get a real down to earth feel for the countryside.Europe is very bicycle-friendly and many areas have lanes that permit only bicycles. Some tourists find a week of cycling and opt for renting a bicycle for any day or two. Short excursions are ideal for travelers who want to take a rest from riding and meet people.For some people the best vacation plans start in your own home, researching the area and deciding on each stop. For others, the best plan is no plan plus they travel where the winds take them. For those who are in the middle, it’s good to find out what the weather may be like, regulations and any emergency numbers for the areas that will be visited.Like all over the world, use your common sense when traveling. Petty thieves sometimes target tourists. Make certain your vacation is a fond memory and keep copies of your passport and ID cards with someone at home. Travelers in the know suggest wearing a money belt that matches snugly against the body to store important documents and money. Whether you are on a strict budget or with an expensive tour, traveling in Europe will be fun and remembered for years to come.

About the Author

Eric Simmons is a master bicyclist and boasts about twenty years past experiences in the area. He is a fanatical traveler and helps people learn more about how to cycle Italy. Check-out his website at www.italybiketours.net/ to learn more about Italy bike tours.

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