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Important things to know before flying to Puerto Rico

With such a short flight, you can go from Miami to one of the many San Juan island rentals in under two and a half hours. You can be lounging on their world-class beaches not long after. The San Juan islands boast dozens of tourist attractions, amazing beaches, excellent weather, and so much more. However, before you go there are some interesting and noteworthy facts that you should know. Here are some from San Juan PM:


U.S. citizens do not need a visa nor a passport to enter or leave. However, entry from other foreign citizens will require a US visa from the US embassy in that country.


The laws are quite strict, and open containers of alcohol in public are punishable with fines. The legal drinking age is 18, and you will need to produce some form of identification to buy or consume alcohol on the islands.


Much like in most tourist destinations, tipping is a generally expected practice at the hotels, bars, clubs, taxis, and the restaurants. The expectations are 15% for cabs, 15-20% at restaurants, and about a dollar per bag of luggage at the hotel.


You don’t need to know Spanish to get around or enjoy your holiday. However, knowing some Spanish will make your life much easier. There are areas outside the main tourist zones where some knowledge of Spanish will be very helpful.


Because the island is part of the Commonwealth of the United States, you can pay for everything in US Dollars.

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