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Five ways to keep your stuff safe when flying

Article by Legends Travel.

When you fly, it is important that you ensure your belongings are safe. Here are a few tips that will help you protect your belongings while you fly.

Put valuables in one place – Before you leave your home for your flight, leave all the items you need to take with you in one place. Placing your valuables in zip lock bags will make it easy for you to locate them later.

Things to have on you – Remember that items like your ID, passport, credit cards, phone and any prescription medication, should always be with you as they cannot be replaced quickly if they are misplaced or stolen.

Bury your wallet and cash – Once you board the plane, you will have no need for your wallet or your cash. Therefore, it is safer to place these items on the floor of your bag, as this will be difficult to get to in case someone goes through your bags.

Pack a small bag in your large bag – If you are carrying checked and carry-on luggage, there can be an instance where the airport security wants you to remove some items from your checked baggage. Since carrying these items in your carry-on luggage can be unsafe, pack an extra bag in your checked luggage that you can pull out in such emergencies.

Wear the items you care about – If you have an item that you care about and cannot travel without, it is best to wear it on you.

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