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Wondering if you need to buy travel insurance? Well here’s why you do

Wondering if you need to buy travel insurance? Well here’s why you do

Article by Peter Smyth

If you’re questioning whether or not you need travel insurance for your next trip, then you’re not alone. Tight budgets and busy schedules often make purchasing travel insurance a low priority for travelers, but traveling without cover can spell big trouble. Before you decide whether or not you really need travel insurance, it’s important that you take a real look at the reasons why you just might need it after all.

Anything can happen to anyone, and at any time

It’s important that wherever you go when traveling, that you have insurance that will provide you protection. In most cases, having domestic insurance is not enough and if you want to be covered in almost any circumstances you should buy travel insurance.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider purchasing travel insurance for your next trip:

* If you or a loved one become ill or die- If the worst happens, then you and your family will have enough on your minds without having to worry about cancellation costs and lost deposits.

* Your luggage, passport, or wallet is lost or stolen- Losing your personal effects can be a nightmare, and having your passport and wallet stolen can leave you stranded while you deal with endless paperwork and bureaucracy.

* You need to be medically treated or evacuated- Sudden illness, flare-ups from existing conditions, and accidents can all occur while you are traveling and chances are your domestic insurance will not be accepted.

* Your flight is cancelled, delayed or rescheduled- This can be every traveler’s nightmare, so make sure you have a travel insurance policy that will get you to where you need to be if you happen to miss connecting transport.

* If you are renting a vehicle overseas- The excess rental vehicle companies charge can sometimes be enormous, and likewise the fee they charge to lower this can seriously impact upon your budget. Travel insurance can cover this excess so that if you have any incidents you don’t have to worry about forking out thousands.

* Credit card fraud- So many times when we travel we are forced to put our credit card details into hands we may not know to be trustworthy. It is crucial to have an insurance policy that will cover fraudulent credit card use, just in case.

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