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Why It Is Great To Travel By Train

Why It Is Great To Travel By Train

Article by Jim Brown

When people think of travel, one of the things that come to their minds is the forms of transportation. Some people like to travel by air while train is the choice of the others. Traveling by train offers many advantages that will be mentioned in this article.

Firstly, traveling by train is considered one of the safest means of transportation. It is rarely affected by bad weather, which is definitely different from traveling by air because weather condition is one of the leading factors that influence the flights the most. There is more likelihood that flights are delayed in case it is foggy or rains heavily, which causes much inconvenience for travelers. Moreover, you will not have to suffer from jet lag and bumpy, which happens regularly when you are driving or flying if you choose to travel by train. For those who have car sickness, traveling by train is indubitable the best choice.

Secondly, traveling by train brings you much comfort and relaxation. You will have more space in a train than in a car or even in an airplane, which allows you to be able to have a snooze. Comfortable seats and wide corridors in trains enable you to stretch legs and move randomly to the vestibules to enjoy fresh air from outside. It is especially convenient for peripatetic persons to have enough legroom and space when traveling by train. They can even lie down and fall asleep in case they feel tired of a long journey. In addition to this, traveling by train is preferred by those who have young children because it is easier to look after the kids on a train than in a plane, which can persuade parents to choose this form of transportation.

Another advantage that traveling by train offers is that it gives people opportunities to relish scenic sports that induce many travelers to choose it instead of booking air-tickets for their trips. You may see the magnificent landscapes that can not be accessible by car or by air. Some modern trains are equipped with wide viewing windows to help travelers enjoy the scenes and take photographs. When returning home, these pictures will remind them of their unforgettable memories of the journeys.

However, traveling by train can be very long, especially when compared to train travel. It is inconvenient for those who need fast transportation to get to their destinations. Except for high-speed railway services, it takes most of the trains much time to travel from one place to another. In Vietnam, train travel sometimes is not the choice of travelers who are in a hurry unless they have limited budgets. Traveling by train from the North to the South of Vietnam takes you several days whilst plane travel takes you only two hours. It is indubitable that traveling by air is much more time-saving than any other form of transportation. This is the reason why most of businesspeople do not prefer train travel because time is given the first priority and regarded as gold for them. The business nature does not allow them to spend much time in traveling because some minutes late may sometimes make them loose the opportunities to sign potential contracts.

Finally, in my opinion, the advantages of train travel can outweigh its disadvantages because it is affordable for more people, especially in such a developing country like Vietnam. Traveling by train brings people comfort, sight-seeing and less delays caused by bad weather condition.

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