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What is the best ereader tablet PC on the market in 2011

What is the best ereader tablet PC on the market in 2011

Article by Ryan Jones

With so many gadgets available around, you can simply wonder, “What is the best e-reader and which among them presents the greater features, let alone e-book readers?” There are three major competing types of e-book reader existing today – Nook, Kindle and iPad. Determining which of these best fits your reading needs depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a multi-functional type, iPad is definitely the best bet. On the other hand, if you like an independent e-book reader, a Kindle or Nook will usually do.

For one, you must be aware of what you really want to. Again, the one that adjusts well with your taste is what the best ereadear for you is. If you are still at a loss, here are some pointers that may help your figure out what is the best ereader to buy. Capacity matters a lot especially if you plan to download a whole library. Choosing the one with higher bytes can help accommodate thousands of e-book copies that you can browse efficiently. Additionally, it should be able to read various file formats and not just PDF. Of course you want to store other files in it.

Battery Life is also a big issue especially for frequent travelers who expect their ereader to satisfy their cravings for reading for long hours.

The design is also worth noting. There are ereaders available that are so simple they almost lose track of other concerns such as the lighting. Reading in the dark or in broad daylight will no longer be a pleasure if the lighting used is bad. The screen size, touchscreen feature, connectivity and weight can be an issue worth taking into account when choosing the ereader for you.

Choosing what is the best ereader for you will be made easy if you have a checklist of the things you expect from a gadget. You can add affordability if you are on a budget but sometimes, this comes least if the quality of your choice is fitting. You can first browse the Internet to have an idea of what is the best ereader today.

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