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Make Your Next Vacation Something You’ll Never Forget

When it comes to taking vacations, most people opt for something they’ve already done before or someone they know has enjoyed. While that’s all fine and good it can get boring after a while and vacations shouldn’t be that predictable.

So next time you have some time off or you need to get away, stray from the mundane. Instead try taking some Alaska guided tours. The country’s biggest state has so much more than most of us seem to know. It’s not just the wildlife and the impressive landscapes, think about all the glaciers too.

In fact, Alaska Glacier Tours are one of the most popular types in the state. You can remain comfortable on a boat where you’ll be nice and warm and able to take all the photos you want while you get right up close and personal with the LeConte Glacier or others.

Of course, you can also opt to take a kayak right up close to some of these gigantic formations and feel the icy monoliths for yourself.

Either way, you’ll also get to see plenty of wildlife in the meantime. And the end result will be an experience you’ll never forget, whether you got it on your camera or not.

You can always take a predictable vacation. Head to Alaska and try something new.

Breakaway Adventure helps people take the vacation of a lifetime by letting them explore the beauty of Alaska’s wilderness. Amongst other things, this means getting right up close and personal with Alaska’s LeConte Glacier.

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