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Vacation Rentals in the Cayman Islands: What Travellers Need to Know

Written by: REM Services

Summary: Book a trip to Grand Cayman and stay in a vacation rental for that authentic experience.

If you’re planning to visit the Cayman Islands, add Cayman property management companies to your list of people to call before you book. Booking a vacation rental is a good way to save money while you craft an authentic Cayman experience. Read on for the essential tips every traveller needs to know before venturing into the Cayman Islands.

Hotel or Rental?

In other parts of the world, hotels mean amenities. That’s probably why so many people might be tempted to book a hotel, but you can easily find Cayman Islands residential rentals that feature many of the same upgrades. You can also compromise or make trades. Breakfast is a good example. Hotels will usually serve breakfast, but you can book a home with your own kitchen and cook what you want. You can also find condos that will serve you breakfast in your room, rather than in some grand dining hall.

Condo or Home?

Cayman Islands condo rentals are very affordable, especially if you’re travelling in groups, but they lack some of the nicer touches that staying in a home can bring. For example, more rooms that are good for large groups. Condos tend to promote a community lifestyle, while homes offer a more personal and private experience.

Where to Stay

If you want to be in the middle of everything, Seven Mile Beach is the place to stay. All across the island of Grand Cayman, especially on the Northern side, you can find quiet pockets too.

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