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Travelling to Amman: A Breakdown of Rental Cars

Summary: Choosing a rental car all depends on how you’re planning to travel.

So you’ve booked your vacation to Amman, Jordan. You’ve also decided to take a rental car out for a spin because of its convenience. Now, what type of car would be best for you in terms of mileage and affordability? This guide will break down each aspect to make the job easier for you.

Economy Car

An economy car is your standard four-door sedan. Depending on the package you get, it might come with a built-in GPS or other accessories. This is likely your most cost-friendly option when it comes to rental cars. It’s perfect for those that aren’t travelling with a bunch of people and ideal for small families.


An SUV, although more expensive, can be a great option if you’re looking for additional space in your vehicle. Say you have a large family that’s travelling with you, this means you’ll need those extra two seats in the back to allow everyone to fit. Or, if you brought camera equipment to take to your destination, an SUV will allow for the extra storage space. You can find a rent a car in the Amman Airport for a quick rental – although prices will be higher than an independent car rental business.

Car with a Driver

Alternatively, you can hire a car with a professional driver to escort you around the city. While this might be an expensive option, it’s perfect for those that don’t want to get involved with directions and getting lost. Your driver knows the area and can point out any unique locations for you to visit.

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