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Travel Magazine Subscriptions: Pick Your Next Vacation

Travel Magazine Subscriptions: Pick Your Next Vacation

Article by James Brown

There are many conditions in today’s society that are working together to make travel a bigger part of many peoples’ lives. As advanced technology beams pictures from all over the world into our living rooms, we start to think maybe we would like to go see some of it for ourselves. As we live longer and healthier, we have longer, more active retirements to see the world. Many companies have offices or plants all over the country, or even all over the world, and people may travel first for business, then later for leisure. There are many different magazines that cover travel from around the corner to around the world. There are also travel magazines that span the range of budgets, from high end luxury to traveling on a shoestring. Travel with family, travel for seniors, travel for learning, you name it, there is a magazine to cover it. Here are some ideas to find the best travel magazine subscription for you and your family.

Start with your own backyard. Many people only visit the attractions and sights in their city or town when company comes to visit, if then. Magazines like Baltimore, Atlanta Magazine, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Memphis cover special events like fairs and festivals, dining, current museum exhibits, and concerts, theater, and other entertainment. If your town or city doesn’t have its own magazine, there are regional magazines like Oregon Coast, Yankee, or Southern Living. Many states have magazines as well.

If there is a particular kind of traveling you like to do, from camping to cruising, you will find magazine subscriptions that suit you, too. Backpacker and Camping Life are good for those who love staying in the great outdoors, Cruising World and Cruise Travel cover the latest in cruising. MotorHome covers trailer and RV travel, while RoadRUNNER gives motorcycle riders ideas of new places to explore.

If money is limited, but you still want to see the world, check out Budget Travel for special deals as well as practical advice on saving money while traveling. Conde Nast Traveler tends more toward the high end traveler.

There are online magazines with specialty travel ideas as well. http://Lovetripper.com is a great resource to plan your honeymoon, anniversary trip, or a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.

Airlines’ in flight magazines feature great travel ideas, and you can subscribe to them in addition to the free copies you receive when you fly. Some of their content can usually be viewed online as well.

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