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Useful travel gadgets for the budget traveler

23Written by Costbuys

Every year there are more and more gadgets released that are useful for travelers. Here is a list of items that will be useful for the frequent budget traveler. We look at everything from bags to speakers, anything that you can get when online shopping. While these items might not be cheap they provide long-term bang for back for the frequent-flyer:

Mini telescope. The 3.25 inch Palomar ZoomArt is a mini telescope that provides as much as 6x magnification. The next time you are stuck in a crowd or being pushed aside in a crowded museum, get an amazing zoomed in view without going close.

A Touch scale is another item no traveler, frequent or otherwise, should be without. Paying overweight charges on luggage can be expensive, which makes this device worth the approximately $30 price tag. Just hook the bag and lift and get a reading of the weight, up to 110 pounds.

Travelling as a family? Get a three-way headphone splitter so that the entire family can enjoy what you are watching on your tablet or laptop. For just a few dollars, three listeners can use one device. This a cheap device any discount website will carry.

While this is not strictly necessary, a small Bluetooth speaker that provides room-filling sound will allow you to take the party anywhere. Use it in your hotel room, on the beach or even at a roadside café and take your party with you.

Finally, there are the power bags. These are bags, roller bags, and backpacks which contain a built-in battery pack with multiple USB ports to charge several devices as you walk or sleep in the airport.


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