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Top Skiing Locations in the USA

The United States has some of the best ski resorts around, and all of them are within a few hours of one another. Places like Aspen have a rich history, while mountains like Jackson Hole present a serious challenge to all skiers. Here are the most popular spots to hit fresh powder in North America.


Back in 1946, Aspen was still a popular skiing destination for group ski trips, but things were very different. Today, there are great chair lifts that take you to summit the mountain. In the past, you needed Jeeps to drive up the side of the mountain to go skiing, or you might take a boat lift to the top. Aspen’s ski area was founded as a kind of culture Utopia, so there is a heavy presence of culture there that you won’t find anywhere else in the US. Skiing is in the air at Aspen, and you can feel it when you hit the three-mile run down the mountain.

The Canyons

The Canyons is one of Park City Utah’s destinations for group skiing packages. It has a total of 19 chair lifts, and receives close to 360 inches of snow yearly. It began life as “Park City West” back in 1968, which was part of the Park City Mountain Resort that had been founded five years earlier. It was briefly known in the 90s as Wolf Mountain before it changed its name again to The Canyons. The resort has nine mountain peaks, and a max elevation of over 9,000 feet. There are plenty of opportunity for back country skiing, in addition to challenging downhill slopes.


The Sierra resort in Nevada is considered medium sized. Situated about 15 miles south of State Line, it’s a family-oriented resort that offers plenty of activities both on and off the slope. It’s actually made of three separate resorts, and it’s common for families to bounce between areas depending on what they want to do. Almost 25% of the trails are labeled as beginner friendly, with over half of all trails catering to intermediate or advanced skiers.

Jackson Hole

Known for its difficult terrain, Jackson Hole features trails that are almost all catered to intermediate or advanced skiers. The advanced terrain includes bowls, glades and a 4,100 foot vertical slope. It’s one of the most challenging, and most rewarding resorts in North America.
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