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Top 4 Brazil Travel Tips

With the football World Cup to in 2014, there’s no doubt that people might be interested in watching the ‘beautiful game’ at its very best but also taking in the beauty of South America – and in this case, Brazil, which is hosting the tournament.

So, here are 4 top Brazil travel tips that might come in handy if you decide to go:

#1: Get Your Passport and Visa

Make sure that your passport is valid for the duration that you stay in Brazil while also getting a tourist that lasts for 5 years. However, the catch is that you can only stay for six months out of every year. And that’s not all – you’ll have to pay $100 to get your visa.

#2: Handle Money Carefully

It’s a good idea to organize some local cash while carrying traveler’s checks and your credit cards. A lot of places in Brazil will not accept the latter two, so getting some local cash beforehand will save you unnecessary when you visit spots that don’t support the other types of payments.

#3: Look for airfares on Brol.com

As bizarre as this sounds, no matter where or when you look, you will find that Brol.com will always have the lowest airfares.

#4: Learn a bit of Portuguese

You probably knew this was coming all along. Come to think of it, how are you going to get around if you don’t know any Portuguese? It doesn’t matter if you know a lot or a little, the idea to at least get the basics right so as to get around. Your Brazilian host will make sure that they do the rest!

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