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Top 10 Cities in the World For Travel

If there’s anything that’s true about cities that are popular travel destinations year after year, it is the ability to revitalize and reinvent themselves.

Almost every traveler who visits one of these cities feels the urge to visit again, and for good reason too considering how each visit offers something unique.

So, here is a list of cities that reflect this quality, and have been considered by travelers to be the world’s best places to visit in 2012:

#5: Sydney

With the distinction of being a global hub while also giving off that laid-back vibe, Sydney has made it to this list, and for good reason too. Apart from new boutiques and restaurants that are opened every other year, one can also enjoy the surfing and soft sand that the city has to offer.

#4: Cape Town

Despite its history, this city is known for its scenic beauty, thanks to the Table Mountain that stands at 3563 feet above Cape Town. But that’s not all – one can visit the vineyards outside town while also enjoying the variety of dining spots that the city has to offer.

#3: Istanbul

With a host of new luxury resorts recently launched in the city as well as being the site of 15 films of late, this ancient city has, in recent times, become a popular destination for travelers.

#2: Florence

This city has something to offer every traveler whether it is aperitivo bars, new art galleries, piazzas or even the extension of hours at the various museums and libraries. Add to this the Tuscan countryside and it’s hard not to envision why so many travelers rate this Renaissance city so highly.

#1: Bangkok

Whether it’s the affordable shopping, the spicy food served on the street or in expensive restaurants, the Buddhist temples and tall skyscrapers or even the long-tail boats that move up and down the river,it shouldn’t come a surprise that Bangkok, has been the travelers’ favorite travel destination for three years in a row.

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