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Tips on Writing SEO Friendly Articles

Tips on Writing SEO Friendly Articles

Article by Chronis Tsempelis

Writing and creating new content is one of the most important aspects of an SEO campaign. Writing a standard article is just not enough to assist you in getting higher search engine rankings. There are SEO friendly techniques that should be applied to an article that will help contribute to the optimization of your website. Well written quality articles will help tremendously in boosting your SEO efforts.

First decide on what topic to write your article on. An article should be original and should provide some kind of valuable information to the reader. If your article is not original, Google will count it as spam. If the article is not informative or doesn’t have a point people will not want to read it, it’s as simple as that.

A good title is one of the most important aspects of your article. Your title should be relevant to your overall article and not be misleading. The title should have any of the important keywords that are in your article. For example if you are writing an article about web design then the phrase “web design” should be included into the title.

Keywords should be utilized in the content of your article. Keywords are words or phrases that generally describe the content of your article. These are words that users are most likely to type into a search engine when they are searching the web for information related to your content. So for example some keywords for an article on “travel” may include: “cheap travel,” “travel tips,” “last minute travel” and “budget travel.” People that are searching for these keywords will find your article and read it due to its relevancy and informative content.

The search engines rank content that is generated based on the frequency of the keywords used, as well as the relationship of those keywords and your article. Keyword density is the proper amount of keyword usage in an article. Proper keyword density in your article can mean the difference in getting ranked higher in the search engine results. There is no exact percentage but generally around 3.0% to 3.5% is the proper keyword density percentage for an article. You can check this by using a keyword density checker tool. Search engines not only check the keyword density in an article, but they also evaluate where else in the article the keywords are used. Certain places rank as more important than others. One such place is in the headings. The next highest ranked positions are in the first and last paragraphs of the article.

Search engine marketing is vital even to the starting freelancer. The frequency of key phrases is probably the much easier methods that any freelancer will need to grasp should they want to have their material read through. Content articles on ad income sharing web sites make dollars based upon the number of occasions they can be seen. The higher the write-up is positioned through the look engines, the greater publicity the content material has plus the a lot more dollars the write-up will generate. Building Search engine optimization techniques can consider time as well as a ton of hard work nevertheless it is unquestionably definitely worth the expense.

Remember to always focus on writing original and informative articles with well placed keywords. Avoid stuffing the content with keywords as it will be seen as the search engines will see it as spamming, and will penalize you.

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