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Tips on Finding Cheap Fares to Europe

Tips on Finding Cheap Fares to Europe

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Cheap travel options including cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms and cheap vacation packages to Europe are available so long as your expectations are realistic. Flights to Europe are cheaper now than they were at the beginning of the summer though higher than a year ago.

The following are tips on finding cheap fares to Europe:

• Instead of purchasing a ticket to your final destination, find the cheapest flight to Europe. Depending on your savings, it might even be worth spending a night in a connecting city. Once you have determined the cheapest way to fly to Europe, check the prices of European budget airlines such as easyJet or Ryanair to fly to your final destination. Usually the cheapest jump (i.e. connecting) European cities are Dublin, Frankfurt, Madrid, and Zurich.

• By being flexible and willing to adjust your travel dates by a couple of days you can often realize significant savings. ITASoftware’s website allows users to scan an entire month’s prices for the cheapest rate. To book, users must then go to an Online Travel website such as Cheapfares or Expedia.

• Be open to flights with a connection or stopover where the savings may outweigh the inconvenience.

• Check out package deals since purchasing your flight and hotel together at an online travel company is often significantly cheaper than booking them separately.

• Search premium class sales. Major airlines often run business class sales to Europe over the holidays because corporate travel during that time is slow.www.cheapfares.com

Court Rules US Airways Pilots Engaging in Slowdown

News that a North Caroline federal judge has found evidence that US Airways pilot’s union is engaging in a work slowdown disguised as a safety campaign may mean good news for the future cheap airplane tickets and cheap vacation packages.

The judge issued an injunction against the union telling it to stop this action. US Airways accused its union pilots of intentionally slowing operations and causing flight delays and cancellations as a result of ongoing unresolved labor negotiations. To whatever degree US Airways is able to continue to contain its pilots’ wages, the airline should be in a better position to offer cheap fares.

US Airways pilots claim that their airline’s allegations are “categorically false.” The judge disagreed finding that the pilots’ union has “improper motivations” for supporting what the union is calling a “safety campaign.” The judge found that the union “has expressly tied the success of their ‘fight’ for a new contract to actions by their member pilots that would slow down the airline but be cloaked by the safety campaign.

US Airways is the product of a 2005 merger between the original US Airways and America West. Pilots from those two airlines continue to fly under separate union contracts. The airline has observed that the slowdowns were concentrated among pilots who previously worked for the old US Airways.

The main bone of contention between the two sets of pilots is what method should be used to merge their seniority lists.

US Airways has consistently refused to negotiate a joint contract with its pilots until a compromise on the seniority issue is reached.www.cheapfares.com

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