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Tips for Children Flying Solo

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If you have no option and have to send your child alone on a flight, it is necessary to take every precaution to ensure that they are safe. There are many children who fly solo, but a few important tips can make a big difference to prepare your child for a safe journey.

Unaccompanied Minors Airlines consider children between 5-14 who travel sobudgettravelsolution july 2016lo as “unaccompanied minors.” Most airlines will not allow children under 7 to make flight connections. Most airlines will ask you to fill a form with your child’s name, age, medical details. Airlines will escort your child from the aircraft to the representative at the airport. He/ she will then take your child to the departure area and hand your child to the person named by you.

General Age Guidelines- Children ages 1 – 4 may fly only when accompanied by an adult. Children from 5 – 7 can take a direct flight to a single destination, but not connecting flights. Children from 8 and up may change aircraft on some airlines (assisted). Children aged 12 and up cannot be escorted, but you can request assistance for applicable fee. Children under 17 flying to international destinations must have a letter signed by a parent/guardian stating their consent, length of stay and destination.

Cost – You may be charged between $50 to $150 each way for an unaccompanied minor fee. Some airlines charge per child, while others let you include multiple children for one fee.

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