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Students Travel in Europe

Students Travel in Europe

Article by Ray Carboni

Europe holds mystery, beauty, and adventure for students traveling in Europe. The magnetism of this continent has held sway over students for generations, and continues to be a favorite travel destination for students across the globe. Some youth dream of spending months carrying their possessions on their back and tramping through the bustling capitals and scenic countryside, while others are looking to party with the locals. Nearly all students have their own version of the perfect Eurotrip bouncing around in their heads, simply due to the continents diverse and unending appeal.

There are many benefits for students looking to travel through Europe. There are discounted prices on airfare, train fare, and admittance to many museums. This makes it easier for students, who are usually traveling with a rather meager budget, to enjoy all that Europe has to offer. There are websites that help students looking for cheap tickets to Europe as well as train passes that make it easy and affordable to travel through Europe on the rails.

There is a high concentration of historical and cultural landmarks throughout Europe that draw students to the continent. From the Eiffel Tower to the Parthenon, there are hundreds of monuments to visit that are cultural icons and pinnacles of human genius. These are especially novel for American students who come from a country that is only 300 years old, making their country a newborn in comparison to the ancient ruins scattered across Europe. The Coliseum, Louvre, Stone Henge, and hundreds of other destinations attract students wanting to witness a piece of history that has lasted through the ages.

There are also plenty of students who travel to Europe looking to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. The cozy pubs of Dublin attract students hoping to grab a pint of Guinness with Irish locals. There is also the original Oktoberfest to be enjoyed in Germany, as well as the bustling Czech nightlife in Prague. Or perhaps the student seeks to enjoy mellow nights spent at Amsterdam cafes. Every European city has its own unique vibe, which affects the nightlife culture. Students traveling through Europe are hoping to experience something new and have an adventure, which is guaranteed while exploring the European continent.

From Madrid to Moscow, there are thousands of adventures to be had in Europe. Students Travel Europe, who are just beginning their lives, are drawn to the excitement of new places and different cultures. Regardless of the type of travel experience the student wants, whether it is a trip through time or nights spent partying, Europe is sure to satisfy the student’s expectations and introduce them to new and fascinating cultures.

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