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Best Snorkeling Spots in Grand Cayman

This article was written by RE/MAX Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman’s mainland beckons with fun Caribbean activities, unspoiled woodlands, Grand Cayman luxury property, and rare wildlife like the Blue Iguanas. Still, this Caribbean island is well known for its snorkeling sites both north and south of George Town. Abundant tropical fish, marine life, and coral reefs fill the azure waters, all of which are easily accessible and attract snorkelers of all experience levels. Here’s a list of the best spots to snorkel in Grand Cayman, from south of George Town to the west coast just north of the capital:

South of George Town

Whether you own luxury real estate in the Cayman Islands or you’re just visiting, it’s worth taking the time to explore the beautiful treasures under the Caribbean. South of George Town offers several spots that are great for snorkeling, including Paradise Reef bar, Eden Rock Dive Center, Sunset House, Seaview Hotel, Parrot’s Landing, Watersports Park, and Coconut Harbour. Among these, Eden Rock Dive is one of our favorites because it’s home to two of the globe’s best places to snorkel, Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto.

West Coast Snorkeling

The west coast is also home to some fantastic snorkeling spots. Just a little north of George Town, marine explorers can dive in off the Lobster Pot Dive Centre, go snorkeling off the beach at Treasure Island Resort, or go in through Cemetery Reef or Turtle Reef. We especially love Lobster Pot Dive Centre because they offer tours and equipment all in walking distance from George Town.

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