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Sightseeing in Europe on a Cruise!

Sightseeing in Europe on a Cruise!

Article by Euro Traveler

Whether you are a first time visitor to Europe or you’ve been visiting the continent annually for two decades if you’ve never taken a European cruise then you are missing out on a magical vacation experience. Whether sailing the Mediterranean or Baltic Sea, or floating lazily down the Seine, Danube or Rhine rivers you can see Europe in a way that most luxury travelers or backpackers ever get to.

Many people adhering to a strict travel budget will scoff at the idea that they can afford a cruise, and its true that in years past these luxury vacations were limited to the well-to-do. However, in recent years cruise prices have started to come down drastically, and a recent study showed that a cruise vacation in Europe today can be had for nearly 50% less than a comparable land tour with hotel stays. Doesn’t sound like such a bad deal now, does it?

The price aside there are many other advantage to cruise travel in Europe:

1 – You only have to unpack your luggage once. A cruise ship is a floating hotel room, and once you get there, you can unpack your stuff and feel free to enjoy the rest of your vacation without the worry of constantly repacking and checking in and out of hotels.

2 – You get to visit multiple European cities during your voyage. Every morning when you wake up you will be in a new port of call, and just a few short steps away from the boat you can begin exploring the ancient culture of one of Europe’s most historical destinations such as Rome, Paris, Venice or St. Petersburg. This is especially true if you are taking a river cruise where the boats are able to dock right in the heart of most cities.

3 – Your food, amenities and activities are all included! You can enjoy the finest foods, pools, spas, fitness facilities and more all without spending an extra dime. If sticking to a budget is important then cruise travel makes it dead simple. No more unexpected expense to cause you financial stress.

As you can see a cruise vacation is the perfect way to enjoy sightseeing in Europe, and with all the little details taken care of you are free to enjoy your trip with a minimum of stress or distractions.

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