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Save Money on Your Next Corporate Charter

Corporate retreats are a good chance to get the team away from the office and into some team building exercises to reset the mind and body. They can be refreshing, assuming the planning isn’t too stressful. Retreats do cost money, and staying under budget is your biggest challenge as trip planner. Using this advice, you’ll be able to book a shuttle bus, lodgings and the retreat while saving on the entire trip.

Fill that Bus

Want to maximize your costs? Fill the airport shuttle to capacity! Invite executives and management to join you on the retreat and you may find yourself saving on lodging as well (more on that in a moment).

A charter bus charges by the mile, typically, which means that you save the more seats are filled. If the retreat is in the Santa Monica Mountains or the beach, you’ll save a lot having everyone travel together. Plus, the costs might be deductible as a business expense at the end of the year.


If you have a large group, you have the option of approaching a hotel and asking for a block of rooms at a lower cost. They won’t mind cutting you a fair discount, because you will bring them enough business to make the costs worth the trouble.

You might also look into vacation rentals, which sometimes offer very large homes. Renting a few of these in the same area can provide the same lodgings at a fraction of the price. Perhaps you can arrange for everyone to bunk up by department?

Bio: Pacific Coachways offers shuttle service throughout Los Angeles, including corporate charters for retreats and business trips.

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