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Preparing for a kayaking trip

When you go kayaking anywhere, it is advisable to go prepared for any eventuality or emergency. Here are some recommendations from Crystal Seas, on what you need to do in advance of your trip to ensure it goes smoothly:

Get as much pre-trip information from your tour operator as possible. The information package should contain all the information you need to prepare and plan in advance, including checklists of items you should carry and what the operator provides for the trip.

Always dress appropriately for the weather you anticipate on the trip. Space is not a concern on a kayak, so wear as much clothing as you need. Also, when you go Washington sea kayaking, the wind and temperature on the open water are cooler than the ambient temperature.

Regarding footwear, always go with the expectation that your feet will get wet. You need footwear that you can tightly secure your feet, like sandals with straps, sneakers, or wetsuit boots. Wear socks, ideally made with fabric that will keep you warm even when wet.

Your packing list will come from the operator, but ensure that everything is put inside watertight bags. Anything that should stay dry should go into one of these bags. The backpack or knapsack itself doesn’t need to be water-proof, just the bags for the contents inside. Leave extra luggage at the hotel or in the car.

One thing that you won’t find in a checklist is physical fitness requirements. A kayaking trip is relaxing but also tiring. Build up your stamina and endurance before you go out on a long excursion.


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