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Packing for out of town soccer tournaments

As a parent of a young soccer player, you will often need to travel with your kids for away soccer tournaments. Out of town tournaments can run for as long as two to three days, and you will need to pack everything he (or she) needs for the duration of the tournament. This is a guide on what you will need to pack:

Primary items

These items are the obvious ones that we are most likely to miss. The first and most important is all your soccer gear which includes your Diadora soccer gear, jerseys, shorts, socks, shoes, shin guards, and whatever other gear you have. You will also need to take extra changes of clothes, toiletries, bottled water, and snacks.

Secondary items

A mesh laundry bag is useful when teams wash player’s clothes together. You can put all of a players items in a bag, and it won’t get mixed up. Another good tip is to use large Ziploc bags to store players clean and dirty uniforms. When you pack each in a Ziploc, even if dirty clothes are in the bag it won’t affect the other uniform in its Ziploc.


You don’t need to take a ball for tournaments. The coach and the team will have everything the players need for practice and play. Take some newspaper to dry out the cleats after matches in wet weather.

Whenever possible, choose the more lightweight options for travel and pack everything early. You can always order anything soccer gear you’re missing from Soccer Garage.

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