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Packing Tips to Keep Your Luggage Under the Airline Weight Limit

Summary: With airlines limiting the amount of bags you are allowed to check in, and putting a max on the weight, it is important to know how to travel lightly so you can avoid the extra charges.

These days, almost every airline has a weight limit of about 50 pounds for checked luggage, unless you pay extra. When traveling for long periods of time, this weight limit could affect your packing plans. How many outfits can you bring? Which pairs of shoes are the most versatile for every occasion? Will you have any leeway to bring back souvenirs? Here are some tips to help you keep your luggage under the weight limit.

Pack Only Necessities

I know how tempting it is to pack extra clothes so you have options of what to wear. But in order to save space, only bring two or three pairs of pants that you can wear with any of your tops, and pack tops that can easily be washed and dried in hotel laundry rooms. If you need to have special occasion outfits, try to only bring one or two and mix and match tops and bottoms for more combinations.

As for shoes, bring one pair of comfortable tennis shoes to walk around in, and one or two others for different outings. Wear the heaviest pair to the airport so it does not add weight.

Do Not Forget About Your Carry On

Every passenger is allowed one carry on bag. Though there is a size limit, there is no weight limit. You can pack extra sweaters and smaller items to save room and weight in your checked bag. Remember, you can always buy toiletries at the hotel shop, so leave those out if you can.

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