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Packing Light is Packing Right

With airlines increasingly charging extra for anything more than a seat, learning how to pack efficiently has never been more important says Dev Randhawa. Taking a week-long trip with nothing more than a carry-on was almost unheard of a decade ago but has now become the norm for many travelers. Here are five tips on how to fit everything you need into an average sized carry-on.

  1. Neutral clothes are a godsend. Beige, grey, navy and black are easy to match and are appropriate for most functions from work meetings to dinners out. Neutral pieces can easily be mixed and matched to create different looks.
  2. Accessories make the outfit. Ties, scarves, and jewelry all have the power to transform an outfit while taking up a minimal amount of luggage space. A blue suit or dress can look entirely different with a pink tie or scarf than with a yellow one.
  3. Roll those clothes. Rolling your clothes will help keep wrinkles at bay in addition to saving much-needed space.
  4. Bundle up. Wear your bulkiest outfit on your person in order to save space in your bag. A layering piece like a cardigan can easily be put on or removed at your seat depending on the temperature.
  5. Sample some new toiletries. Traveling is the best excuse to utilize those trial-sized cosmetic and skincare samples you get from department stores. They take up almost no space and you don’t have to cart them home with you at the end of the trip.

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