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Great Holiday Gifts in Magazine Subscriptions

Great Holiday Gifts in Magazine Subscriptions

Article by Terro White

A janourl Subscription is one of the most appreciated gifts that you can give for any Holiday or special occasion, no matter what your budget. There are great magazines for all ages and genres, from toddlers to the elderly. There is a magazine subscription gift for everyone on your list.

Toddlers can enjoy a subscription to Wild Animal Baby Magazine, this publication is in a sturdy board format, to be shared with the parents that reach for Parents Magazine for guidance and new ideas.

Children of all ages have so many choices, from Disney Magazines, Kids Discover, Action Comics Superman and Disney Adventures Magazine and so many more. The new kid on the block is bound to be a hit, Mad Kids brings you Spy vs. Spy, lots of jokes, plenty of laughs, puzzles, really dumb interviews, video games, cartoons and a whole lot more.

Teen magazine subscriptions, cheap magazine subscriptions, discount subscriptions, magazine canada, magazine subscription deals, magazine subscription offers offer so much, like Guidepost, Boys Life Magazine and American Cheerleader which is packed with stunts, routines and competition tips.

College students and new graduates are so appreciative to receive a magazine related to their profession. The wonderful nurse or nursing student who receives their gift of American Journal of Nursing, Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, Nursing 2007 Critical Care, will know this is a thoughtful gift.

Remember your men in nursing, Men in Nursing Magazine is peer-reviewed in four areas: clinical, technological, career and personal with special attention to numerous key areas.

It is not uncommon to receive a free but useful gift or a gift voucher when you buy or renew your subscription. You can gift a subscription to anyone. Gift knowledge to your dear one in the form of magazine subscription; there cannot be a better present.

Physicians, hospitals, nursing home administrators and health insurance companies rely on medical coding alert magazines to cut through the coding confusion in their challenging specialties to insure that they get paid what they rightfully deserve.

Hobbyist and the crafting enthusiast love magazines that offer them information and new ideas related to their craft, there are hundreds of publications from Trains to Jewelry Crafts, American Woodworker and Astronomy. Give the gift that collectors adore and appreciate, whether they deal in antiques or make jewelry that they sell on ebay.

Women and men love fashion, cooking, gardening, sports and travel magazines. Imagine yourself, the avid golfer, receiving your first subscription to Golf Illustrated in your mailbox as a gift, every month that you pull that magazine out of your mailbox, you will smile and remember who gave you that fantastic magazine subscription.

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