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Getting The Most Out Of Your Low Cost Travel Deals

Getting The Most Out Of Your Low Cost Travel Deals

Article by Frank K Muller

 The lowest and the cheapest travel deals are not always the best deal. Today, travellers could be overwhelmed by the numerous low cost travel deals being offered. Therefore you should weigh up all options before making the right choice in order to get the most out of it. The greatest secret to getting an affordable airfare or best low cost travel deals is to work out your budget and what do you really want. Additionally, you should shop and compare deals until you run out of options and choose the best among them. And most important always plan ahead. Nothing is too early when it comes to vacation planning. This will give you plenty of time to search and choose. Whether you are travelling for business or planning a family vacation, here are some travel tips to save you money and choose the best low cost travel deals. 1. Buy your ticket directly. Travel agents usually charge between and per ticket. You can get good low cost travel deals if you choose to book two flights instead of one. Some people have been able to save as much as 00 by doing this. 2. Buy all your ticket at the same time instead of buying one at a time. Save on Booking fees. Find web-only discounts or coupons which some hotels and airline owners provide especially for those willing to book online. You can save as much as 50% on your travel costs.  3. For some destinations booking for a package tour could be a wise choice. Package deals usually save tons, airfare and lodgings combined into one are usually cheaper compared to paying for them separately. Some travel agencies even provide low cost travel deals which include airfare, hotel and car rental, you can save a lot of money.  4. When planning a more complex trip, a travel agent can save you more time and money. If your stay is for more than a week, call the hotel and ask for week long stay discounts. Savings can range for percentages off your room price or even a “free day.”  5. Compare prices online for best low cost travel deals. There are websites that help travellers to shop and compare. Some also provide travel tips and guidelines.  6. Some travel destinations are cheapest at certain times or season of the year. Booking for an off-peak season also would give you the best low cost travel deals.If you’re looking to travelling during off peak season usually there is at most a 50% discount.  7. Be flexible with travel dates and times. Some airlines and hotels offer substantial discounts if you book one or two days earlier. 8. Smaller airlines often have lesser fees.- Travel to places of natural beauty but have cheaper costs of living, prices here tend to be lower such as the Philippines or Malaysia. Such places have great views and tourist spots. English speaking natives are also a plus for these countries.  9. Alternative airport also could provide you with substantial discounts. Ask your travel agent about it. 10. Plan ahead. The earlier you book, the better deal you will have. 11. Buy trip insurance. Insurance will not only save your life but also save you money. If you end up being sick in foreign country you might end up using your vacation budget on medical bills. 12. Sign up for hotel and airline awards programs. Chain hotels usually have award programs; take advantage of it especially if you are a frequent business traveller. 13. Advisable to buy food at the supermarket and cook it yourself rather than eating everyday at a restaurant. Restaurants tend to have cheap and sometimes unhealthy food. Look after your own health by cooking your own, the reason why there’s a stove in your hotel room.  Finally, never stop bargaining, always search for lower airfare, lower hotel rates. However, it is important to compare all options since not all low cost travel deals will give you the travel value you desired. Travel will be more enjoyable if you get the most of your hard earn money.

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