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Friday Harbor Travel: Three Fantastic Local Restaurants

Blog provided by San Juan PM

Part of the joys of travel is experiencing life from a local’s perspective. This includes the arts, local activities, and dining. No trip to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands is complete without sampling the best local eateries. Here are three you can’t miss.

Bakery San Juan

Bakery San Juan adds an artisan’s touch to all of your favorite bread-based dishes, including pizzas, sandwiches, pastries, and pies. Be sure to try the creative combinations of cheeses and vegetables in their specialty pizzas.

Duck Soup

Duck Soup is famous among locals for its inventive use of fresh local ingredients such as produce, meat, and seafood. From their signature duck-based dishes to seafood items covered with special glazes, you’ll experience an explosion of vibrant local flavors.

Cask & Schooner

If you enjoy the classic pub experience, Cask & Schooner provides a good mix of standard pub dishes and flavorful burgers and sandwiches. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy a great selection of beers and craft cocktails.

There are also a few local favorites that we’d recommend that are currently closed due to the COVID-19 season. San Juan Bistro and Backdoor Kitchen are just two whose reopenings we eagerly await.

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