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Explore Grand Cayman in Your Car Rental

Written By: Andys Rent-A-Car

Acquire for yourself a grand cayman car hire and find out why thousands of people flock here every year.

Drive around the beautiful tourist attractions that are truly picture perfect. If you love beaches, one of the top choices is the Seven Mile Beach. This strand of gorgeous flawless white sand is such a sight to see as it has always been well maintained and is untrod by vendors. It is sometimes hard to find open sand because it can get scarce especially in large resorts but the massive size of this beach means that there’s always something great out their for everybody.

If you are a nature lover then drive your car rentals cayman islands down at Frank Sound Drive where you will find Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park where entrance fee is as low as ten dollars. Explore this treasure trove of all the beauty nature has to offer. Experience all the native species in the island like orchids, parrots, other birds and take a stroll in their nature trails. But the real tourist attraction in the park is the Blue Iguana Recovery Program. Join the tour as visitors are shown how they brought the local lizard back from the abyss. Explore their breeding pens and other areas where iguanas are left freely for tourists to enjoy. Choose from a wide variety of vehicles from companies that cater to tourists who need to rent a car. Depending on your preference, you will surely find a car that will suit you and take part in their low offers and promos on prices.

There are lots more to experience in Grand Cayman and it is best to explore all of these in cayman car rentals, which are available at Andy’s Rent-A-Car.

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