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Enjoying a budget vacation through resale timeshares

Enjoying a budget vacation through resale timeshares

Article by Tony Robinson

Timeshares can be one of the most valuable resources for the budget minded traveler, but they are also one of the most frequently regretted purchases. Many people get roped into buying overpriced timeshare units through high pressure sales tactics, or they are lured into expensive properties by the promise of a “free” vacation.

No matter what the reason, there are a great many unwanted timeshares on the market at any given time. What that means for the budget travel is the opportunity to pick up some great timeshare properties at prices that are a fraction of the original price.

There are a number of places to look for resale timeshares, including real estate agents, bulletin boards, newspaper classified and even online auctions. Any of these places can be a great place to pick up a quality timeshare at a budget price, but it is important to shop around, and to understand exactly what you are getting before making your purchase.

One of the keys to buying a quality time share at a good price is to buy only in high demand areas, or in areas that are growing in popularity. Remember that a timeshare is primarily a piece of real estate, and we all know that the three most important factors for real estate are location, location and location.

Examples of areas in high demand include places like Hawaii, the California coastline, the coast of Florida, Orlando, Cancun, Myrtle Beach, and the Caribbean.

It is also important to know the maintenance fees of the properties you are considering. The maintenance fees are a large part of any timeshare ownership, and one of the primary reasons that current owners decide to dump their properties. It is important to avoid properties that have very high maintenance fees unless you can buy it at an unbeatable price.

It is always important to get the best price on any timeshare property you buy. It is also important to read any timeshare resale contracts carefully, and perhaps even have a qualified lawyer review the paperwork, before you buy. Remember that a timeshare is a real estate transaction, whether you are buying a brand new unit or a resale.

Of course, it is also vital to make sure that buying a timeshare is the right move for you. A timeshare can be an excellent deal for the budget minded traveler, but it is not right for every traveler. Timeshares are generally suited to those who wish to travel to the same location every year. Even though many people emphasize the exchangeability of timeshare resorts, the fact is that most timeshare owners spend the majority of their time at their home resort.

Of course, the exchangeability of the timeshare property will be enhanced if you take the advice of buying a unit in a high demand area. For instance, a time share unit in a property next door to Disneyland will obviously be easier to exchange than one a hundred miles away.

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