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How to Coordinate a Company Retreat Under Budget

company-retreatCoordinating a company retreat is no easy task, especially when you need to schedule a shuttle bus for precise pickups on one of the busiest highways in the world. Los Angeles has a ton of traffic, and the city is sprawling. Planning an event here can be a lesson in headache. This advice will help you navigate the complexities of getting a group of people from one place to another.


If you need to move more than a handful of people, your best bet is a charter bus for the occasion. These buses typically charge based on how many miles you’ll need to travel, so you can usually get a good rate if you don’t need to travel across the city.

You can book with the same companies that manage an airport bus, as they typically provide bus service to groups for events.

Event Planning

The next step is booking a space for the retreat. Check your local halls and hotels. Hotels typically offer standardized rates for a banquet room. Depending on how many seats you’ll need, one room should be enough. If you’re transporting employees to a convention, make sure you designate a meeting space where supervisors can hand out networking objectives for the day.


The first step in budgeting is getting cost estimates for what you plan to do. Start making calls to the venues and bus companies now, so you can put together a cost estimate. Make sure you catalogue everything you’ll need for the trip, including any meals you’ll be including. Once you’ve got a list of what you need to pay for, it’s easier to come up with estimates.

Pacific Coachways specializes in shuttle bus service in and around the city of Los Angeles, including LAX pickup and drop-off.

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