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Cleaning your RV cushions

foamfactory4Written by The Foam Factory

It is a safe that every RV or camper has some form of cushioning. It could be in the dinner booth or the sofa or one of the chairs. Just like the rest of the RV, in order to keep them in good shape for years to come, a little bit of maintenance is needed. Fortunately, keep them clean is simple and only requires three ingredients.

First take the cushion or whatever covering there is off the RV bedding. Inside there will be tags that provide the washing instructions for the cushions. Wash them according to those directions.

Take all the insides of these camper cushions and lay them somewhere (a yard or a driveway) one top of a sheet in the sun. Take baking soda and sprinkle liberally on one side. Let it sit in the sun for a few hours. Then flip over and repeat the same process. Once complete shake the cushions to get the baking soda off.

Fill a spray bottle with a solution made of half water and half white vinegar. Mist both sides of the cushions and leave it out in the sun till it is dry. There will be a residual smell from the vinegar but expect it to go away after a day or so.

Repeat every year and keep your RV cushions clean and fresh. This is especially useful when purchasing a used RV or looking to sell one.


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