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Church groups can also take advantage of skiing packages

If the only thing you love more than skiing is going to church, you may have a problem in trying to figure out how to combine the two. After all, what could be better than going on a ski trip with your church group? Ask those who have done them before, a church group ski trip is the best! It combines the fun and excitement of church with the time honored practice of skiing. Plus, you get to do it with likeminded people you already spend a lot of time with.

Colorado college ski trips are another popular way to go and doing so with a church group isn’t really that different. The group might be just a bit older, but otherwise the same methodology applies if you want to do it right. Organize everyone—this will probably be a lot easier than with college kids—and agree on a date. Then simply outsource the rest to a professional group that will go ahead and handle all the particulars. You can’t beat this kind of convenience especially when the result could mean church and skiing at the same time!

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