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Bus vs. Taxi: The Winner Might Surprise You

Travelling to LAX, whether solo or with a group, usually leaves most people with one of two options: either you take a charter bus to the San Fernando Valley or a depot deeper into the city, or a taxi to your chosen location. Uber/Lyft are very popular and trendy services, but travelers may be overlooking a value in buses. Here are three reasons why those who leave LAX on a routine basis prefer to use a bus.

Less Expensive

One thing you’ll notice about a shuttle bus? They don’t hit you with randomized “surge” pricing, which means you pay one rate for the service and that’s it. Taxies, on the other hand, will charge you based on time of day or where you want to go. There are many factors that might play a role, and they may refuse to take you if they can’t get a return fare. It’s more complicated than it might first seem.

Better Storage Options

You’ll also notice that the average airport shuttle is better prepared to handle your luggage, and anything else you might have brought with you. Even overhead storage for carryon bags is very simple and easy. Taxis in LA are usually drive the Toyota Prius, and you’ll find many Ubers drive a Prius or something equally as fuel efficient. Roomy, but not enough to carry lots of baggage.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to travel in a group to book a bus, you can often board one from LAX if you can find the proper terminal. They sell tickets in the terminal, and you can take them to pre-determined destinations.

Bio: Pacific Coachways is a reliable airport bus service to the most interesting parts of Los Angeles.

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