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Budget Traveler? Try A Hostel.

Budget Traveler? Try A Hostel.

Article by Dwight H. Zimpel

No Money? No Problem! You still travel cheaply – stay in a hostel. Good deals on rooms are available to those willing to bunk in a common area and share other necessities of life.

Hostels offer adventure and the chance to meet people from different countries and cultures, but is not for everyone. Singles or groups of young travelers will find hostels attractive, but others traveling with small children or those looking for seclusion should consider more traditional hotels.

Bunk beds in a large open room are usually the sleeping arrangement in hostels, some may have smaller rooms with fewer bunks. Some rooms are arranged with 4 -8 bunks – offering a bit more privacy for those in a group. The typical hostel welcome mat consists of getting a bed assigned to you and a bit more information about what other services the house may offer.

Most hostels in the USA arrange dormitories by sex. This is not a guarantee and other countries may be a bit more unisex – except for toilets. Hostels with more than one floor may assign floors by gender.

You will find hostels in Europe and other parts of the world providing unisex rooms. Make sure you inquire about sleeping arrangements if sharing a room with members of the opposite sex is a problem for you.

Some smaller group rooms may have a private bathroom and shower, while larger larger areas have these facilities down the hall. If you’re concerned about bathroom and shower facilities, be sure to ask when booking your stay.

“Relaxed” is a term that applies to the hostel dealings, but it is still a business and you should make a reservation during busy times of the year. As more travelers “hit the road”, hostelling is becoming more popular. Some destinations are booked months in advance – especially during the summer months. Avoid headaches – Call ahead for a reservation.

Show me the money! (That you saved staying in a hostel). Hostels in the “third” world cost to a night, the “western” world rates are about 4 or 5 times as much. An “inquiring mind” can save a 0 by choosing a hostel in the same block as a hotel.

A staff member can be as helpful as the best up-scale “concierge” if you need help or advice. Most hostel staff members live the neighborhood and are knowledgeable about what is going on nearby.

Ask about discounts and coupons for local restaurants and “tourist” attractions. Hostel staffers are pretty good restaurant critics, also. They know the good deals.

Hostels aren’t for everyone – a good thing, otherwise they wouldn’t be so cheap! They’re in enterprise with the budget traveler – YOU – in mind. Travelers want new adventures and experiences. Hostels provide lodging while you enjoy your travels – real travelers don’t spend that much time in their rooms anyway. Cheap Traveler? Hostels Are For You!

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About the Author

Dwight Zimpel, Your Vietnam Tour Guide, is a Vietnam Veteran and has made 7 recent trips to Vietnam. He has lived in the Middle East and traveled the world for the past 20 years. A Day Vacation Spots

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