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budget travel in new zealand

budget travel in new zealand

Article by rossmicheal

A beautiful and exotic New Zealand beckons you to travel around it in style in a rental car which is an enriching and enthralling experience. If you are in the North Island, you can hire a car at Auckland. If you are travelling in South Island, Christchurch is the place to rent a car.Where else can you find so many different types of scenery and breathtaking landscapes in one country! From towering mountain peaks and glaciers to volcanoes and bubbling mud springs. And then there’s the surprise. It’s so very English too. The lush green fields and rolling hills reminiscent of the English countryside and village life never seem that far away.Try to imagine the things you use at home over the space of one week, and that’s pretty much what you will need to take with you. Not much is it. But adequate. My all time most favourite travel buddy that I bought downunder New Zealand in a holiday store, for boarding flights quickly is one of those clip around purse bags, they sit flat on your waist of over your shoulder clip together and worn like a gun holster

Apartments in New Zealand offer guests the comforts of being at home while travelling. They can accommodate group sizes of up to 6 people with 1, 2 or 3 separate bedrooms closed off from living areas. Apartments are separated into different areas for kitchen, living and dining normally with an open plan feel. It is normal to find a live in or onsite manager at a New Zealand apartment complex. Apartments generally provide free onsite parking unless you’re staying at a central city apartment.New Zealand also has many small airlines to enable you to see some of the wonders of New Zealand including Origin Pacific and other scenic flight airlines from the smaller towns and cities. Two months of budget travel has meant I can offer the following advice for fellow travellers. Firstly do not take too much luggage. There is an art to living in a shoebox on wheels for weeks at a time. A minimalist approach to possessions will go a long way to making life easy on the road. It’s easier to find things when you aren’t carrying too much.

Traveling to New Zealand offers you a choice of two regions – the North Island and the South Island. Wherever you choose to go, a luxury New Zealand vacation package offers you outstanding cuisine, fabulous accommodations and your choice of transportation. Your options are limitless and include transportation options, theme vacation packages. Once in New Zealand, you can stay in luxury lodges, bed and breakfasts cozy inns, or trendy boutique hotels. You can also stay in country homes or beach houses all noted for their service and amenities.

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