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Budget Solutions for Long Term Stay in Abu Dhabi

Lots of business professionals travel to Abu Dhabi, or the UAE, on business. For those people, long term stays are the norm. There is a good chance that long-term trips to Abu Dhabi will take travelers to unexpected places, so it’s a good idea to arrange a long term car rental in Abu Dhabi. That’s just one of many tips you’ll need to make the most out of a long-term stay in Abu Dhabi.

Look for Bargains

It’s not hard to find bargains for those who will be staying in the country for a long period of time. You can often deals on monthly vacation rentals, as well as arrangements for certain attractions during your stay. A monthly car rental in Abu Dhabi will also bring a great deal of savings, even if you can’t stay for the full duration. If you’re total stay is close enough to 30 days, it might cost hundreds less to just book for the full month.


Long term travel can be a drain on your physical energy, especially if you’re travelling to a drastically different time zone. To try and counteract those effects, take up a jogging routine near your hotel or place of board.

Log Your Purchases

When you’re working with a different currency, it might be difficult to track how much you spend without recording your transactions. If you’re travelling for business, it’s a great idea to do this to speed up the reimbursement process when you return home.


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