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The art of slow travel

Some people may feel that they need a vacation to relax from the vacation they just enjoyed. Although most people head on holiday to relax, they may notice that the frantic space continues even when you are on holiday.

To combat this, a new way of traveling has emerged, called slow travel. These forms of vacations are less about sightseeing and more about taking in your surroundings and relaxing. For example, a typical vacation involving slow travel will involve renting a French cottage, buying vegetables from the farmers market and cooking something for the family. This gives the traveler a chance to explore local cultures and their immediate environment in their own time.

The benefit of this type of travel is the fact that the traveler has a short itinerary, which lets them stay in one place long enough to enjoy different cultures. It also provides the traveler a chance to move away from their daily routine, which may include a stress full job or lifestyle. An added advantage of this type of travel is the fact that it can be environmentally friendlier than other types of travel. This is because slow travel will include bike rides or long hikes instead of traveling on a bus, train or plane within the country.

Apart from this, slow travel is budget friendly. Since staying in one place for a week is cheaper than moving from hotel to hotel on short stays. You can also save on meals, by cooking your own and only eating out once in a while.


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