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Active Travel Asia Launches “Travel Cheap with Active Travel Asia” Campaign in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

Active Travel Asia Launches “Travel Cheap with Active Travel Asia” Campaign in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

Article by Tracy Vu

Active Travel Asia offers travelers many possibilities to save on the travel budget. Travelers will definitely spend less for their next holiday in Indochina with Travel Cheap campaign.

See the great Travel Cheap options as follows:

Cheaper Options

Active Travel Asia offers cheaper tours by using alternative cheaper services or cutting off unnecessary activities. The clean, cozy, centre located 2-star hotels would be replaced the luxury and expensive 4 or 5-star hotels. The comfortable shuttle bus would be replaced the costly private transfer. There are more ways Active Travel Asia can do to save traveler’s money while offering quality trips.

Active Travel Asia does not down grade their quality, Active Travel Asia offer cheap tours with greater value. Travelers can save up to 20% or more.

Preferred Set Departures

Active Travel Asia is aware that travelers need to plan the travel arrangements early to take advantage of their early payment discounts, utilize frequent flyer miles or benefit from airline early booking offers. Active Travel Asia is also aware that travelers want to meet other travelers and save money by joining group tours. To assist you in planning a great holiday in Indochina, Active Travel Asia has designated a number of tours as preferred set departures based on the reliable booking history.


Travel can be very cheap if travelers take the Promotions. Active Travel Asia offers great Promotions regularly and travelers can afford the travel anytime of the year. These promotions are not only about good prices but also offer lot of add-on value to make travelers travel cheap with great experience.


Book a private tour or more and take the advantage of the discounts to save money. Get discount when travelers travel with theirs family and friends, get discount when travelers book more than one tour at the same time. Travelers can save up to 10% or more.

More details at http://www.activetravel.asia/special_offer/

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