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6 reasons to choose a cheaper hotel

budgettravelsolutionYou may have been saving for months to travel and spend some time relaxing. Do you spend your money on the expensive luxury hotel or on the cheaper hotel?. This can be a difficult decision. However, here are a few reasons why you should choose the cheaper hotel.

You can get a better room. – Generally the fancier the hotel the smaller your room will be. A larger room will also be useful if you are sharing your room with friends and family.

You’re not going to spend that much time there.- Another thing to consider is if you will be spending a lot of time in your room or just using your room to sleep and shower.

Location – The location of your hotel is important. If your looking to spend most of your time at the beach an expensive hotel in the city will not be suitable for you.

Amenities that you will not have time to use – Choosing a hotel because they have a gym, pool or 5 star meals, might not suit your holiday agenda. For example, if you intend to explore your travel destination, you will spend most of your time out of the hotel.

Airfare – If you have a little more money from saving on your accommodation, you maybe able to spend a bit more on airfare and get a better seat/ service/ flight time.

Breakfast – Breakfasts in a more expensive hotel can cost you as much as dinner. Since, most travellers prefer breakfast in the hotel that they are staying at, a cheaper hotel will offer a better priced breakfast.

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