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5 Tips for traveling with back pain

budgettravelsolutionBack pain is a common alignment that affects millions. However, traveling with back pain can be a challenge with long flights, carrying heavy suitcases and being seated for long periods of time.  Here are some tips on how to reduce back pain when traveling.

Schedule your flights carefully – Flying is one of the most difficult parts of traveling. Choose to have non-stop flights from one destination to the next. This will reduce the time you have to carry baggage and place them into the overhead bins.

Get up and move – Request for an aisle seat on board so that you can stretch and move around. It is also advisable that you move up and down the aisles when the meal service is complete.

Pack light – It is best to pack a light carry on and check in as many bags as you can. A small pack back is the best, as it will distribute weight evenly across your body. Adjust the backpack’s straps so that they are close as possible to your body.

Vet your hotel – Make sure you can check in as soon as you arrive at your hotel. You should also check if your hotel has an elevator. If gentle exercise helps your back, you should look for a hotel with a fitness center.

Bring accessories – Bring items that will help your back, like lumbar pillows, seat cushions, and heating pads. Look for travel-friendly versions to save on space.


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