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5 Lifestyle Blogs Luxury Lovers Should Follow

On the Internet, countless lifestyle blogs cater to different readers’ tastes and expectations. If you love reading about luxury goods, premium vacations, and the best experiences money can buy, here are five lifestyle blogs you should follow.

Upscale Living

Since 2004, Upscale Living has aimed to be the world’s leading luxury lifestyle publication. From its beginnings as a print publication to its current online publication that covers art, culture, style, and food, you’ll find many articles that will quench your curiosity about the good life.

Michael D’Antonio Impatto

Michael D’Antonio Impatto is a blog from the mind of travel and luxury expert Michael D’Antonio. Whether you’re looking for a destination spa, hotel, 5-star restaurant, or sportscar recommendations, Michael D’Antonio Impatto showcases expertise in the field of travel with a wide array of stimulating articles.

Luxury Columnist

London-based publication Luxury Columnist covers a variety of topics of interest to luxury enthusiasts such as style tips, dining suggestions, and luxury goods and services. The blog takes a decidedly global approach to common luxury topics, offering a glimpse of the luxury lifestyle in Europe, Africa, the Americas, and elsewhere.

Robb Report

Robb Report is one of the most high-profile blogs on this list, being published by the same company as notable publications such as Variety, Rolling Stone, and Deadline Hollywood. Today, it is one of the most trusted online publications for coverage of cars, yachts, watches, private planes, and other luxury goods.

Luxury Activist

Luxury Activist is a webzine based in Switzerland that has added its unique voice to the luxury scene since 2010. It provides insightful interviews with extraordinary individuals, luxury lifestyle tips, and suggestions for amazing vacation destinations.


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