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5 Health Measures to Consider When Traveling

Probably the last place that you’d want to find yourself in a crisis health-wise is when you are traveling.

First, it ruins the holiday but most of all, in not being in a familiar setting, getting well becomes a challenge even if the health issue isn’t all that serious.

That said, here are 5 health measures that you must take when or before traveling:

#1: Know your blood type

Everyone who is traveling should know their blood type without fail just in case there arises an emergency where a blood transfusion is required. Make sure people back home also have a copy and in particular, someone who can be considered an emergency contact.

#2: Carry heat-sensitive medication

There is a provision of insulated packs for those who need to carry insulin or even heat-sensitive medication. These packs will ensure that their shelf-life is extended for as long as possible as they will stay at the right temperature.

#3: Health coverage

 Just to be on the safe side, make sure that you get additional coverage with your current insurance plan. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that Medicare will cover when you travel abroad.

#4: Anti-bacterial wipes

Carrying a supply of anti-bacterial wipes will ensure that you stay clean (and out of trouble health-wise) as you frequent food stands, restrooms that aren’t exactly hygienic apart from other places.

#5: Immunizations

Before you leave that trip make sure that you visit a doctor who specializes in immunizations for those who travel to certain parts of the world. One of the best places to find information is at the Passport Health Clinic.

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