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4 of the worst packing problems and how to solve them

Packing can be a nightmare when done incorrectly. Here are some tips that will help you identify and rectify some common packing problems.

Airport Security confiscates your prized possession – If you have packed your expensive bottle of perfume in your carry on and your TSA officer confiscates it, you may feel like it is lost In this case, the best option is to politely ask the officer if you could take it back and place it in your checked luggage.

Too many souvenirs – Travelling with souvenirs can take up space; the souvenirs can get damaged or be confiscated by airport security. To avoid this, you can ship your souvenirs by using an international shipping company.

You left an item at home – If you have left something behind and you are on your way, consider turning back if it is an item you cannot travel without it. If you are already at the airport, speak to airline staff and ask when the next available flight is. Remember that different airlines will have different policies on flight cancellations.

Your luggage breaks – If your bag breaks, you need to find some duck tape to fix the tear. Look for shops in the airport that may sell tape or speak to someone at the airport check-in counter for help. If you have already reached your destination, look at getting your luggage to the hotel and then replacing it or fixing it at a near tailoring store.

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