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4 Most Visited Caribbean Islands

For almost anyone who loves to travel, the Caribbean islands is probably one of their first choices.

You can blame it on the waves, the sun and the overall appeal that these islands have, in terms of food and drink, if not for getting you away from the daily grind.

So, without further ado, here are 4 most visited Caribbean islands:

#1: Jamaica

Known for reggae, Bob Marley as well as rastafarianism, it’s probably the most popular island in the Caribbean. Quite differently, it has a rich mix of history and culture and is a natural destination for elopers as well as newlyweds too, thanks to a number of resorts and romantic landscapes. Apart from this, there are trails, waterfalls and the pristine beaches that visitors can take in.

#2: Cuba

Even though it is still restricted to American visitors, they can make their way to the island through Canada or Mexico. Even if it isn’t economically well-off, its culture, history and food are rich. A number of sites have been preserved to offer visitors a peek into Cuba’s history and culture. Its popular medical tourism only validates that Cuba has modern offerings as well.

#3: Puerto Rico

Even if the island is rather small, one would need to stay for a week so as to enjoy what the island has to offer completely. Some of the attractions include the El Yunque rainforest, gorgeous beaches and great food. Apart from this the colonial architecture as well as the rum makes visiting the island all that more enjoyable.

#4: Dominican Republic

It isn’t just the beaches that make this island worth visiting but sights such as waterfalls, deserts and mountains that are present on the island of Hispaniola. Its main city Santo Domingo is literally the city that never sleeps, thanks to the merengue music that plays non-stop. What’s more: you’ll make new friends and enjoy some great food too.

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