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4 Unconventional Hotels in North America

Hotels can be a creepy place to be. This is true if you’ve made contact with some guy at the ice machine at 2 am. Yet there’s a difference between this and unconventional accommodations offered by some hotels.

That said, here

are 4 hotels that are anything but conventional:

budgetravelsolution1: Palacio de Sal

Located in Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the entire hotel is all salt. The bricks, ceilings, walls and even the tables and chairs too. This place isn’t for every traveler but the seasoned ones. Of course, if you do visit, visit the train graveyard that is in the vicinity.

2: Dog Barn Park Inn

Located in Cottonwood, Idaho, it is the world’s largest beagle. It also is the only beagle-shaped hotel. It only contains a single room. Even though the list of amenities are short, Dog Bark Park Inn has its own private inn. Of course, you can bring your own canine after paying a small fee.

3: Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

If you’ve dreamed of sleeping in a home where two brutal murders took place, then Lizzie Borden B&B might be right for you. Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, it has become a major tourist attraction. Even if it isn’t haunted, crime-scene photos are still present at the home. You can choose to stay at one of the eight rooms. Or rent the entire place with a group of friends.

4: Free Spirit Spheres

Located in British Columbia, Canada, three trees hold each of these three orbs . Eve, Eryn and Melody are their names. Apart from these rooms being circular, they also sway when the wind blows. Or even when you move around in each of these rooms.

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