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4 Things That You Should Also Consider Packing When Traveling

While most travelers already know that packing light is the way to go, most people never give thought to certain items apart from the most obvious ones.

There are other essentials, of course, that might be classified as comforts but which can make your travel much easier too. So, here are 4 things that you should consider packing when traveling:


#1: First Aid

If you want to deal with pain relief or even wound protection on your own, it will be a good idea to carry first aid. Band-Aids, antacid tablets, ibuprofen, aspiring or even Neospirin can come in handy just in case something goes wrong.


#2: Food

Food and water is necessary, isn’t it? If you’re hypoglycemic, then it’s a good idea to carry food like nuts, energy bars and dried fruits will be better options than chips or candy or nothing at all if the cafes are closed or you can’t eat what the airlines has to offer. Staying hydrated is just as important as well.


#3: Light

Packing a flashlight takes up very little space. It can be useful especially if your eyes don’t work as well or you will be visiting places that aren’t well lit. Of course, light from your cellphone should do the trick as well.


#4: Protection

Not all places that you visit might be safe for tourists especially if the neighborhood has a reputation, the beach is deserted or you are out after dark. A can of pepper spray can easily be packed with your luggage.

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