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4 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Traveling Abroad

It’s not uncommon for a number of travelers to fall prey to pickpockets and thieves literally every year. It’s a good thing that these occurrences can be prevented as easily as possible.

That said, here are 4 safety tips that one should keep in mind before traveling abroad:

#1: Avoid unsafe areas

Before you board your flight, make sure you do some research as to the unsafe areas in the country or city that you intend to visit. You can ask the hotel staff for tips or even refer to the U.S Department of State Travel Warnings.

#2: Protect your identity

Passports as well as other types of ID are usually embedded with RF tags these days that can be read at both airports as well as retail outlets too. It’s unfortunate that hackers are now able to scan these tags and it is for this reason, it’s a good idea to keep RFID blocking document holders and wallets handy.

#3: When staying in a hotel

Try as much as possible to get a hotel room above the first floor and if you are traveling solo as a woman, always check in as Mr. and Mrs. Be very discreet when it comes to disclosing personal information and no matter what you do, avoid leaving valuables in your hotel room when you’re out.

#4: When traveling on your own

Avoid drawing attention to yourself by wearing expensive jewelry or clothing while also keeping your wallet in your front pocket. Try not to show money or even hang your camera around your neck. But most of all, do not accept food or drink from strangers when on your own.

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