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4 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

There are scenic roads in an exotic destination that can suddenly turn dangerous. This is especially where the road narrows down to a trail and there is no protection whatsoever.

In fact, one can see this evidence of ‘danger’ as you continue along this path in the form of battered vehicles.

Here are 4 of the world’s most dangerous roads:

1: Old Yungas Road, Bolivia

Known as the old Death Road, this one is considered to be the most dangerous road in the world. Stretching for almost 40 miles, this path from La Paz to Coroico features a number of sharp turns that would force drivers to slow down drastically rather than risk certain death. Speaking of which, almost 200 people die every year along this road.

budgettravelsolution2: Karnali Highway, Nepal

About 155 miles in length, the Karnali Highway located in the Himalayas claims the lives of 50 people every year. With the dirt road being so bad, cyclists wish to stay off this path while vehicles have to face a number of dangers along the way.

3: Atlantic Road, Norway

While it is one of the most scenic roads across Europe, it still is very dangerous. Spanning five miles, it links islands from Kristansund and Molde with about eight bridges in all. Along this route is a stretch which gets battered by the ocean’s waves, winds and storms. It can get crazy if you’re not careful.

4: Vitim River Bridge, Siberia

With a reputation as one of the scariest road in Siberia, there have been very few fatalities reported. This is for the reason that no one dares to drive using this road. Also, this really old structure is barely wide enough for a car with no railings at all. In other words, it is just iced decaying wood that could collapse at any point of time

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