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3 Ways How Software Can Make Travel Smarter

Problems with delayed flights or traffic jams are an occupational hazard for any modern day traveler.


How does one stay on track with all these impediments to travel, and get through a day alive?


This is where software comes in handy and can really keep you updated at every stage as to whether you will be able to make it to that meeting with an important client on time.


So, here are 3 ways how software can help you make travel smarter:


#1: Microsoft Street and Tips


In short, this piece of software is a trip-planning program which does not require an internet connection as it has a in-built database of maps. The software provides information about travel time, scenery as well as road types. Of course, you will have to download updates from time to time but that shouldn’t be a problem for most tech-savvy travelers. With a 60-day trial period, this software can be downloaded from the Microsoft website, and purchased at $40.


#2: FlightTrack


FlightTrack shows flight information in real time such as departure and destination locations, one’s current location as well as the estimated time of arrival. With over 5000 airports and 1400 airlines, it tracks both international as well as domestic flights. FlightTrack costs $5 and can be downloaded for most if not all platforms for mobile devices.


#3: Glympse


With the app not costing users a dime, it allows you to keep people posted as to your current location either by sending a text message or an email. As soon as the receiver clicks on the link, they will see an animated map in real-time that not only gives your location but also the current speed too. It can be downloaded for almost every platform used for mobile devices.

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